Prior to becoming a client of Evolution

Our philosophy is that in order for us to succeed, we must place ourselves second; our clients always come first!

The more time we spend educating our clients, the less chance there will be that they will make bad investment decisions based on emotions.

A written financial plan will be provided that outlines your goals and objectives and will be updated as often as necessary to ensure that it is always current so that you understand whether or not you are on track to accomplish your stated objectives in the time horizon that you have specified.

Written recommendations will be provided regarding the tailor-made solutions that will best accomplish your goals and objectives.

Prior to moving any investments to Evolution, any and all tax implications will be reviewed, discussed and provided to you in written form. All of your existing holdings will be analyzed to determine whether they are consistent with your investment goals. Some of your existing investments may continue to be held based on your explicit instructions or tax considerations. Inappropriate securities will gradually be replaced to reposition the portfolio towards the target asset mix agreed upon by you and the Portfolio Manager(s).

Prior to transferring any investments to Evolution, a copy of all of the documents that would be required to open accounts with whatever Portfolio Managers are recommended will be provided for you to review with whomever you wish to review them with. All fees charged by the Portfolio Manager(s) will be clearly outlined so you know exactly what you are paying for investment management services. This will also be discussed and confirmed when you are signing the documents from any of the Investment Counsel Portfolio Managers.

After becoming a client of Evolution

Signed copies of all documents that are required to set up and transfer investments to the custodians used by the different Portfolio Managers will be provided to you after your accounts are set up.

Prior to any investments being made, a Portfolio Manager will speak to you directly to confirm your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

You will receive an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that confirms your general investment goals and objectives and describes the strategies that the Portfolio Manager(s) will employ in order to meet your objectives. Specific information such as asset allocation, risk tolerance and liquidity requirements will also be included in the IPS.

Your portfolio will be invested in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

Every year a tax-loss harvesting review will be completed on your taxable portfolios to determine whether capital losses can be realized in order to reduce your capital gains.

Tax-Free Savings Account contributions will be made as early in the new tax year as possible.

The results of the different Portfolio Managers will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that they are adhering to your IPS so as not to expose your investments to greater risk than you have agreed to.

You will receive monthly reports from the custodians responsible for safekeeping your investments.

You can speak directly to the Portfolio Manager(s) who will be making the actual investment decisions regarding your portfolio.

You will have access to your portfolio information online and can access your accounts 24/7. 


The reporting that you and your tax professional(s) will receive will likely be the best you have ever experienced. Sample reports are available upon request.

Reports are available that will allow you to know:

  • Your current investments on any given day include what your adjusted cost base is and the market value of each individual security.
  • How much interest and dividends you can expect over the next 12 month period from every individual security that you own.
  • How much your net investment (original investment minus withdrawals and fees associated with the management of your portfolio) was and what it was worth at the end of each month.
  • A consolidated statement is available each month to summarize all of your investments, withdrawals, and costs from the date of inception to the end of any given month.
  • Your realized capital gains and losses, as well as your realized income, to any given day. A summary of gains and losses for any calendar year or any 12 month period (for those who do not report taxes on a calendar year) can be produced as early as the following day.
  • A summary of all management fees charged on taxable accounts so that they can be deducted for tax purposes from your other taxable income.
  • A rate of return report to the end of each month that summarized your rate of return for the previous month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and since the inception of the account.
  • A foreign asset report is required by your accountant/ tax preparer in order to complete your income taxes.