We do not sell products nor do the Investment Counsel Portfolio Managers who we partner with.  We assist our clients by teaming up with Investment Professionals as well as our client’s other Professional Advisors to create unique solutions to best accomplish the specific financial goals and objectives of our clients that are identified in the initial discovery process.  After over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry, we believe this is the best business model for serving our clients and their families.

We believe that it is paramount for every member of the client’s advisory team to keep the client’s best interests forefront.  We think of ourselves as the quarterback of the team who ensures that all of the other professionals involved are completing their part of the overall strategy required to get the client over the goal line.  The Portfolio Managers are held to the highest standard of trust regarding the investment decisions that they make on behalf of the clients and everyone involved must be honest and transparent in order to accomplish the stated goals of the client.

Investment markets are volatile and returns are uncertain therefore, it is imperative that we add value wherever we can through lower fees than traditional investment products and more tax-efficient processes and solutions that reduce the amount of tax that our clients ultimately pay so they can keep more of what they earn.