In the spring of 2017, after a significant amount of due diligence, we entered into a business relationship with Wealthsimple.  We believe Wealthsimple to be the most progressive and focused financial institution in what is referred to as the “FinTech” (Financial Technology) space in Canada.  The financial services sector will likely be the next big sector to face disruption regarding how financial services are distributed and consumed in Canada due to technological innovation and Wealthsimple is at the leading edge of this evolution.

A report (EY FinTech Adoption Index – EY – Global) published by EY in July of 2017, concluded that FinTech adoption in Canada has increased from 8% to 18% since 2015.  This trend suggests that banks and other financial institutions are feeling the pressure to develop simpler, more transparent customer-centric financial services and products.

Wealthsimple has put together a team of Portfolio Managers from across Canada that is dedicated to acting in the best interest of our clients.  Each Portfolio Manager has focused expertise that complements the solutions offered by the others in order to provide efficiently and effectively diversified portfolio solutions consistent with the stated objectives of each of our clients.  Their services are combined with custodial services and easy-to-understand performance reporting to ensure the transparency and safety of each of our client’s assets.  Through Wealthsimple, we are able to offer services to our clients that previously were limited to individuals and institutions with a minimum of $5 Million to invest.

For additional information about the Portfolio Managers with uncommon experience and expertise who offer investment solutions for our clients, please visit these websites:


Exponent Investment Management

MacNicol and Associates Asset Management